OAKS Open API for IoT Developers

Develop your application for the OAKS platform and reach users with

Oaks 3 Smart Lock, Hub and Thermostat devices.

Connect with the wide variety of OAKS devices including locks, hubs and thermostats that utilize a wide variety of protocols.


Real-time delivery and read receipts give you critical IoT insights.

Communicate safely and securely with end–to–end encryption for all IoT device calls.

Trusted with over 8 million access points for over 6 years, our platform has the ability to scale.

Deepen customer trust with branded messaging.

Your branded business serves as a familiar face users see when using Oaks products.

NOTE : Open API not supported on Oaks Blue/V2 Smart Lock

Engage and encourage new and existing customers to purchase your product by joining the Oaks platform.
Use Cases

Integrate with Oaks to provide IoT solutions to customers who want to incorporate your services.


Are you a dog-walking service that wants to streamline access for employees and Oaks users? Want to integrate IoT devices into the OAKS ecosystem to acquire more customers?

Robust lock API calls allow for safe, secure, and scalable managed access.


Calls for digital keys, codes, and fobs give developers access to a variety of access solutions.

Build on a proven secure and scalable IoT platform.

Trust Oaks to quickly build, scale, and market your smart devices. Focus on your IoT device or service, we’ll handle the infrastructure.

Integrations and Partnerships

Our Open API was built to provide service companies and IoT device manufacturers a robust platform and toolset without worrying about “Walled gardens” typically prevalent in the smart home space.

-Clark Li, CTO

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