Jun 12

Extremely Happy


This lock was very easy to install. For the price I thought it was going to look and feel cheap , but it has a very clean look and feels well made. The App is well done. It is very simple to use and after we down loaded it i was able to send ekeys to every body else. I love having the options of using a code , Phone, Key,or FOB. The only issues i had was the length of the Lock bolt. I had to use the existing one due to it being longer. Also the Lock bolt must be able to pass thru the strike without obstruction to work properly. I will suggest these to my friends and already have plans of ordering some more for myself. Thanks for this great product

New Posts
  • We just installed the V2 smart lock. I paired it to my phone. I've tried sending ekeys to practice before we rent out our Airbnb, to my husband. They show up on my app but my husband never receives them? Do I need to be near the actual lock to create a passcode or send an ekey? We don't live near the home we will be renting out. If the guest is required to have the app on their phone, how do they use it? My husband has the app but it keeps saying pair to a lock which he can't and it won't allow him to anything else. We need to figure this all out before our first guests arrive.
  • I’ve been an owner for a few month. Love the lock. App access. fob. Key code. Is it is it possible to present a smart ring? if so what do I need to know about the the ring for compatibility?

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