May 12

Doesn't work.


Everything is installed correctly push the outside button it makes noise but doesn't lock the door.


Hi Paul, This is Vincent from Oaks Team. Long press the check mark key to lock the door. If it doesn’t work, that means lock installation problem. Please reference lock installation video for more info: Please let me know if you have any questions. Best, Vincent

May 12

Watch the video I did everything correct according to the video just doesn't work makes noise doesn't work.

Hi Paul, Sure. We can ship you an replacement lock. Could you send your shipping address to Will schedule the shipment ASAP. Best, Vincent

Here's my 2 cents. Does the lock operate properly in & out when the door is open? If so, we have a strike plate placement problem. If the lock does NOT operate properly in & out when the door is open, the lock is possibly defective. Here's the good news if it works properly when the door is open and possible solutions:


1. Push the door ALL the way closed. Now try. Most front & back doors kinda have this "2-stage" closing status. You can close the door, and it LOOKS closed, but it might not be ALL THE WAY closed.

2. If that doesn't solve the problem, take a sharpie marker and color the butt end and sides of the lockbolt. Close the door & manually lock it. Open the door manually and look at the bolt. If you see marker scraped off somewhere on the bolt, that's where the friction is! Solution:

3. You will need a flat file tool to grind off enough on the strike plate where the friction is taking place. There's also specialty drill bits that can do this that come in handy.

Im having a similar problem the lock seems to protrude out to far. Can’t close the door unless I manual turn back the lock but then the automatic function doesn’t work.

The lock bolt is SUPPOSED to protrude out far. It is also supposed to have butter-smooth action when you manually lock & unlock it. If it doesn't, follow my advice just above.

Jun 24

hi there.

I do have One of these smart lock and just found that the right and left bottom inside is wrong that’s the reason why the lock doesn't lock if you door close right to left set the bottom in the left position. I had the same problem and I fixed just moving the dip switch I side the lock, good luck all

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  • We just installed the V2 smart lock. I paired it to my phone. I've tried sending ekeys to practice before we rent out our Airbnb, to my husband. They show up on my app but my husband never receives them? Do I need to be near the actual lock to create a passcode or send an ekey? We don't live near the home we will be renting out. If the guest is required to have the app on their phone, how do they use it? My husband has the app but it keeps saying pair to a lock which he can't and it won't allow him to anything else. We need to figure this all out before our first guests arrive.
  • I’ve been an owner for a few month. Love the lock. App access. fob. Key code. Is it is it possible to present a smart ring? if so what do I need to know about the the ring for compatibility?

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