About OAKS

Like an oak tree, The Oaks story started with an Acorn of an idea…”Why can’t anyone design a beautiful, constantly connected smart lock that also works as a smart home?”

After years of working in IoT, The Oaks team understands how confusing smart home technology can be with hundreds of protocols, tens of thousands of devices, and a lot of confusion. Why couldn’t a company provide an easy to use, beautiful, constantly connected IoT device that didn’t require a hub? Well, the OAKS Team did just that.

Unlike other IoT providers, Oaks aims to provide hubless, constantly connected IoT technologies with a flexible Open API to consumers and developers. Launched by the founders of Rently, an access solution used by millions of renters nationwide, Oaks technology already powers some of the largest single-family and multifamily operators in the nation. We want to provide our enterprise-grade technology to consumers who are tired of “walled garden” IoT ecosystem’s and hub based smart homes.

6300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


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